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Crewmate/Impostor animation is an animation for the Impostor from Friday Night Funkin' VS. Impostor


Impostor is a red bean-shaped astronaut with floating hands. He wields a knife and gun in both of his hands. His color changes every time he vents.


  • In the shop, the animation is called Crewmate, this might be a reference to the FNF mod where he says in the dialogue "no im crewmate" or it might also be a reference to the game overall, since the impostor have to lie to win the game and convince the crewmates that they are a crewmate.
  • In most animations (Including this one.) if you go on first person you can play as the model.
  • The impostor could be found behind a gate on the last map. Now he resigns in the Miko Borgar as an employee.



The impostor as seen in the original game, Among Us.

Left Animation

Down Animation

Alternate Down Animation (Venting)

The inspiration for the alternative down animation.

Up Animation

Right Animation