Funky Friday Wiki

Minor Violations

  • Minor vandalism:Minor vandalism is vandalizing a little bit but not extremely.Mininum block time is 1 week.
  • Profanity:Swearing is not allowed!This wiki is trying to get into the interwiki.Minimum block time:1 month
  • Please do not be biassed.

Medium Violations

  • Vandalism:Destoryed or ruining pages .Minimum block time:2 months
  • Talking about personal information:Talking about personal information like where you live or someones password is not allowed.Minimum block time:3 months
  • Sock puppetry:Making alts to get past blocks is not allowed.Minimum block time:5 months
  • Abuse of power: Abusing power will not be tolerated and removal of power.Minimum block time:5 month ban
  • Editing on a persons page without there permission :5 months
  • Impersonating:Impersonating a admin or famous Funky Friday player is not allowed on this wiki:Mininum block time:1 Month

Major Violations

  • NSFW:NSFW(not safe for work)is not tolerated!Minimum block time:1 year
  • Repeated sock puppetry: Repeativly making alt accounts is not allowed.Minimum block time:1 year IP block
  • Major vandalism: Major vandalism includes blanking pages,chage the whole page up to something unrelated,etc.Minimum block time:7 months
  • Death threats:Sending death threats to people is not alowed and never will be.Block time: 17 Eons
  • Hacking:Hacking or promoting hacks is not allowed.Minimum block time:2 years
  • Getting into sensitive things: Just No  : 1-3 years